The Health IS Wealth Message

“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a message I stand so strongly about. I am big on spreading the ‘health is wealth’ message, as it’s a topic that needs to be discussed more, as not many people understand this message. Our health is our number ONE priority. Our body is our temple. health is our greatest wealth because without our health, what would we have? What good would have all this money and materialistic things we are always constantly sick? 

I had to take a break from online internet marketing to focus on what truly matters to me the most: my health. It took me years to get my mind right. I believe that in order for us to achieve the highest levels of success in ALL aspects of our life, we must first get our Mind right, Body right, then we can focus on getting our money right; then all will be right! 

Jeremiah Bonet The Raw Vegan Preneur

I am happy to say that I am back from the hiatus I took from the internet world, but I am back stronger, wiser and healthier like never before. 

The power to take control of your health is in YOUR hands. As you follow my journey, you will learn how the raw pure living lifestyle has helped me gain financial freedom in my own life and how it can help you too. 

I’ve been through quite a transformation, and you can read my full story here so you too can be inspired. 

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