Intermittent Fasting Benefits & 50 Pound Weight Loss

I’ve been intermittent fasting for over 2 years now and love the results I’ve experienced. Intermittent fasting has helped me keep the 50 pounds I’ve lost, increases my mental clarity and focus, boosts my stamina and energy levels, helps keep my mind and body right, and much more. Intermittent fasting provides the body with an array of benefits, including the ability to reverse diseases, protect the heart and brain, speeds up the recovery process, and more. 

Let intermittent fasting be your path to optimum health and well-being. 

And for those who are interested in the salt I reference in the video,  the salt I use, love and recommend is called ‘Real Salt’ from a great company called Redmond Real Salt. Their salt is amazing and does not cause water retention, unlike many other common salt brands. Stay tuned for a video product review soon on my experiences using Redmond Real Salt. You can shop their products here via my affiliate link:

All the best in your health journey. 

Love, hope, joy, freedom, bliss. 

jeremiah – The Raw Vegan Preneur