Kapwing – The Best Online Meme Maker, Video Subtitler, & Video Resizer On The Web (for FREE)

Stories and memes dominate the web and do a great job at telling a story or even a joke in such a creative and unique way. Memes are fun to make and super easy to do, especially with Kapwing

Kapwing is a free online meme maker tool that allows you to easily and quickly create memes either in a form of a video, still image or gif, or just an image with top and bottom text. You can also resize videos, add subtitles to memes, filters, crop a video, slow-motion your videos, create video collages, video looping, and more! Check out their awesome features and try the tool out yourself.  

Eric Lu and Julia Enthoven, the 24-year-old web developers and entrepreneurs from San Fransisco, developed Kapwing to help digital marketers (like myself), video editors and content creators make awesome and fun videos in less time and help with video landscape formats so they fit without cropping to upload on Instagram and Facebook.

Kapwing is free and super easy to use. Simply upload your content (image, video or gif) directly to Kapwing or by URL of the image or video, add your own text or caption, and share your meme. 

That easy 🙂 

One big PRO about using Kapwing is that you don’t have to download any software or app and you can edit videos right from your mobile browser! 

One thing to note about using this tool is, if you are on their free plan, all videos will be saved with the kapwing.com watermark, which is okay, as you're supporting great geeks who created the web's one of its kind, unique online tool that allows you to promote and market any product or service with many customizations. All the cool features of Kapwing will impress your potential customers with your amazing video marketing, thanks to Kapwing.

If you prefer no watermarks, you can subscribe to any one of their plans. 

So give Kapwing a try today and have fun creating cool videos and memes that'll make us laugh. 

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